Sensitive Records 003


Sensitive Records announces the release of its inaugural compilation curated by Copenhagen based multi disciplinary creative and Sensitiveconductor, Kasper Bjørke. The compilation, Sensitive Friends, contains 12 compositions by various artists from across the world and is set to be released in two parts.

"I’m thrilled to present the very first compilation and it’s been a wonderful journey curating these pieces to showcase what Sensitive is all about,” says Kasper Bjørke. "This collection represents a convergence of diverse artistic visions, unified by a shared commitment to exploring the sonic frontiers of ambient."

Part A, to be released on June 28th, will be taking the listener on a mesmerizing journey through soundscapes crafted by both established and emerging talents from Copenhagen, Paris and Mexico City. Including a wide array of sonic exploration and emotional depth, from the intricate modular synthesis explorations by Simon Littauer on the opening piece “Melo” to mesmerizing choir arrangements of the duo Philipp Schneider on “Planètes: Improvisation 1” which was written for a dance performance which recently premiered in France. Renowned ambient artist Sofie Birch takes you on a intense and explorative sonic voyage drenched in lush field recordings - and solo artist Langstrakt, known for his work a part of Kasper Bjørke Quartet, delivers a beautiful minimalistic piece in a Eno-esque vein. Cedric Elisabeth, a rising French artist with base in Paris, who has previously released music on both techno and ambient paths and has created a beautiful and dreamy piece and Mexican dj and artist Alf Champion along with MDHNTR contributes with an abstract work, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to the compilation's rich tapestry of sounds.

Digital releasedate: June 28th 2024

Sensitive Friends Part B will be released in the fall of 2024.